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USPS Tracking Sysytem
I never really even looked!
An early Christmas task!
This pleased me so much!!!!
I've only just found out what a menu propeller trivet is....
The 2004 Yes Tour - Find the Person Competition!
Todays little side trip
Breaking up - say it with Poetry
And here's one of me...
chek i tout
Some of what I'm a part of...
Anyone use Skype?
BillGuitarre' on YouTube
Here's one I took earlier - Stunning landscape photos
Do any of you Youtube? Here's Neil
I have a friend
Say it with video!
To ALL Our Members & Readers - a Happy New Year!
To ALL Our Members & Readers - a Merry Christmas!
Kinda Nice
Seasonal Say it with video!
Ian's Troupe does Mons Meg Rapper
Guys I'd like to see here
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