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Open House: Debates on Societal Issues
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Stephen Hawking: 'heaven is a fairy story'
HELP I've never been to a church service
Proven: that women are better at multitasking than men
I don't normally endorse contract killing...
The latest in Goofy conspiracy nuttery
HEY. Guess What, I'm going to be a grandfather again!!!!
Friendship and beliefs
Where I live, it's the custom to...
Chris Does Comic Convention Episode #2
Wow! YYZ by Rush - as you've never seen it before!
The Awful Advice Thread
In the space of a week...
Why do we find things funny?
To gossip is fundamental to being human
How clever is your cat?
Africans 'under siege' in Moscow
Paleolithic/Mesolithic Scotland
Facial expressions 'not global'
Most women prefer working for men
What's the best way to sell online?
What I saw today
How the American Man Really Spends His Day
The Garden
Downloading and dodgy statistics
Living together: the bathroom battles of the sexes
Are We Bloggers?
Back on the Road Again
Why women need to think like men if they want more cash
Who are your 20 favorite artists right now?
The Side of the Road
What's wrong with this Picture?
Resumés - your take?
What cliché most applies to you or your life?
A 3-minute story of mixed emoticons
The Star Mangled Banner?
Remember Bee Girl?
7" Single is 60 Years Old.
Yes Turd Hay
Census Report: Embarrassing names in sharp decline
What Was The Strangest Thing That Happened Today?
Your favorite live albums/videos
Your 10 favorite guitar solos
Biggest first date faux pas
Gone, but not forgotten
Time changes
A Slice of Where You Live
Friday 13th: breaking a mirror leads top 10 superstitions
The Outrageously Cute Things Caught in the Act Thread
The Adventures of Literal Steve
View, Life, World, Other - Brian's Choice Configuration.
Your Top 10 Predictions for 2009?
Advice needed
When Penis Enlargement Goes Wrong
I took my wife to a strip club!
So if I have........
Neil's Guide to playing Musical Instruments
Ax Fovvie
I'm convinced that...
Moods 'spread like ripples through friends' say scientists
For what or whom are you thankful?
And this year's New Year's Resolution is...?
Throwing a "Sickie"
Reading to children daily 'improves achievement'
Good Presents For Christmas
So come on then, spill the beans...?
The 'Formerly Known As' Thread...
Favorite Christmas Songs
Reason to be Cheerful - Perspective
Dido - Diva or Divider?
Musical Guilty Secrets.
My First Forum Ban
What Rudolph is Really Thinking........
The Friday Night mash-up!
Mullet tops list of worst crazes of all time
Popularity of bartering websites soars
No Wonder Hannah Montana is so Popular
Revealed: the values, habits and role models of modern women
The worst pick-up lines... that ever worked!
Ring Tones
Pick Songs for 'Obama: The Musical'
I'd like to move back to Massachusetts, please...
Who's Your Favourite Muppet?
Of what does your Sunday consist?
What your favourite personal indulgence?
Would You Buy An Album Just For One Track?
If there were to be a Thirteenth Month...?
How does your Pet(s) perceive You ?
Halloween costumes
Your Spiritual Home - where is it?
Describe the next person to post.
Thought for the Day
The Supernatural.
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