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Language, Word Games & Syntactical Swordsmanship
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Trench talk that's now entrenched in the English language
Why did LOL infiltrate the language?
What Americans sound like
100 Greatest Movie Insults of All Time
British Library tracks changing sounds of English
Verbal Abuse -- Torturing our Political Language
A guide to helping Americans understand British English
Britons abandon 'thank you' in favour of 'cheers'
When is a word not a word?
Uncovered: Secret vault of words rejected by the OED
English - take the test!
Wordle - a toy for generating “word clouds”
Happy Grammar Day
Using ‘ROFL’ for lulz? Hey, man! It’s just the way I roll
There's an App for that...
New grammar book seeks to 'unify' Spanish language
American Oxford Word of the Year 2009: Unfriend
The Oxymoron Song
The death of language?
Exclamation mark is no trade mark, EU judges say
Have you ever 'fribbled' a woman?
Are these the best ever words in the English language?
Something cheese
World first historical thesaurus to be published
Twittering teens add hundreds of words to dictionary
Dying languages archived for future generations
'I have never ended on an unstressed syllable!'
German language adds 5,000 words
Swearing can ease pain
The Write Your Own Limmerick Thread
A lexicon of teen speak
Riddle Me This
What's in a name?
Wince-inducing Pun Ishment
Purple Prose & Verbosity - Say it differently ...
7 questions on hard words - Take the Test!
One millionth English word could be 'defriend' or 'noob'
Yesspeak - Let's Speak 'Yes'...
Ambiguity - when not even context will save you
A to Z of Anatomical Terms
I bet that wasn't even his ___________!
Music History Game
An A to Z of Canadian Place Names
An A to Z of Australian Place Names
Change Two Letters, Change the Word
Words within Words
The Famous Nickname Game
An A to Z of Interjections
A to Z of Monty Python things
A to Z of Mythological Things
Correcting some of our more wayward linguistic errors ...
Double Letter Word Game
Two Words - Change One & Keep The Other
A to Z of Musical Instruments
History Game
Rewrite some lyrics to a song you don't like
Dictionary Game
Utterly Meaningless Axioms
Love in the
TV Show & Book Title Puns
How many anagrams can you find?
The Three Word, Three-way Spell Thread
Sexy Pig, Squidgy - Britain's saucy nicknames revealed
Pack of Ten: post-War US Authors
Pack of 10: Superheroes
How's your English? Take the Test!
The Scottish Vernacular & Slang Thread
The Apostrophe Protection Society
Me answer question for ewe?
The incorrect use of 'pre-' as a Prefix
Bush not the only Bungler
How's it Pronounced?
"Why, you little...!"
Punctuation, and how it changes things.
Commonly Confused Words
Famous Mottoes
Initials stand for...what?
The run-on sentence
Spel yu cain't
Tongue Twisters
World's rich tapestry of insults
Two words.
Toujours Tingo: Weird words and bizarre phrases
Scrabble: 60 facts for its 60th birthday
When all you wanted to say was 'Happy Christmas...'
Create a pop song!
"...Great nations separated by a common language"
Prell - the product game!
Do you suppose...
Trivia Challenge - Did you know... ?
The Perennial Case of the Greengrocer's Errant Apostrophe
Famous Last Words
20 of your most hated clichés
Great Oxymorons of Our Time
Barackisms: From Obamaphoria to Bamelot
Oxford compiles list of top ten irritating phrases
Extinguished by Fire
The Completely Ficticious Old Wives' Tales Game
Famous Names Incorporating Birds Names
Let's Speak 'Strine' - The Aussie Accent
Philistines, Bloody Peasants & Language Fascists!
Words we should have in the Dictionary but don't...yet
The Art of and Battle Against Slang & Jargon
Malapropism Test
Word of the Day
Your Favourite Mnemonics
Comedic Collective Nouns
Pack of Seven - Wonders of the World
You're A Monster!
Simply Scintillating Similes
Pack of Fifty - Saturday Night Live players
Pack of TEN - Monty Python Players
Pack of Plenty - No Limits - Latin Tags
Pack of TEN - Shakespearean Plays - Leading Ladies
Pack of TEN - Famous Dictators
Pack Of Ten: Notable Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs
Pack of TEN - Bond Villains
Pack of Five - Shakespeare Tragedies
Pack of Five - Shakespeare Histories
Pack of Five - Shakespeare Comedies
Pack of Five - Books by James Joyce
5 Item Geography Game
Word Association
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