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Which Begs the Question....
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Obscenity Trial of the Decade - testing the laws
Susan Jacoby's 20 Questions
What would you do if you saw a waitress diss gay parents?
Why do Americans still dislike atheists?
Can the Euro survive?
On the Back-dating of Influence
Who'll Rule the World in 2050 - 'Chindia' or the USA?
Is this any way to run an Education System?
Multiculturalism: What does it mean?
What would it be like to fly into a Black Hole?
Facebook: Should parents 'friend' their children?
Define Irony
Should other nations return their Antiquities?
What do you think would happen?
Why the west rules - for now
Does the Kama Sutra still stand up?
What are three things you could do without?
What does human meat taste like?
Is the Internet changing the way we think?
Why do we all use Qwerty keyboards?
Should Facebook introduce a 'panic button'?
What's at stake if Australia and New Zealand merged?
Should this 15 year old be tried as an adult?
'First Australians': Tokenism or recognition?
Is it Unconstitutional to Mandate Health Insurance?
Is taking cocaine socially acceptable now?
When should 'sexting' be illegal?
Did the Mossad do the Dubai hit?
Net neutrality: Are all bits created equal?
Is Diesel dead?
Will Iran destroy Israel on August 22nd?
Is Obama wrong to cut NASA return-to-Moon funding?
Why do people often vote against their own interests?
Feminism: what went wrong?
The Questions We Never Answered in 2009
Who pays and who gains from carbon offsetting?
Swine Flu Vaccination - will you have it?
Should the 9/11 suspects be tried in a New York court?
Should we allow any company to become 'Too Big To Fail'?
Can you pass the test it takes to become a UK Citizen?
Should the UK switch to European Time?
What Scares You?
How and why did Britain become the centre of time (GMT)?
Can Fox News realistically be considered a 'News' channel?
What happened to global warming?
Should watching TV be banned for the under-twos?
God is not the Creator, claims academic
Is talent hereditary?
Lisbon Treaty: will Ireland do the indecent thing?
Is 12 years of age too young to undergo a sex change?
A Right to Marry? Same-sex Marriage and Constitutional Law
Thoughts on Ukraine's Denial of Adoption to Elton John?
What do you think of the 9/11 claims?
Is hating the Beatles really worth the grief?
Why don't we make the business case for ...?
When does public nakedness become a crime?
Can a man's instinct for violence ever be 'cured' ?
Should illegal file-sharers have their Web access cut off?
Dark energy how would you explain it?
What is your definition/understanding of 'Libertarian'?
How good's your Classics Knowledge? Take the Test!
You've been in a coma for ten years --- and you wake up.
Can social media & the Internet spread democracy?
Should the Lockerbie bomber be released early?
Human Behaviour: 10 mysteries that science can't explain
If you had your time again, what'd you do differently?
How Do You Feel About the Circus?
Should porn be a fundamental right for blind people?
Should they let Ronnie Biggs out of prison?
Is is time to release Mark Chapman - Lennon's killer?
Is farming the root of all evil?
How do 'anti-stab' knives work?
Who would you place a new Mount Rushmore - and why?
Should this UK man be extradited to the US or not?
What worthwhile purpose does 'Reality TV' serve?
Whadaya'll think 'bout the Pharmacist who unloaded his gun.?
The Loo Seat: Should it be left up or down?
The trillion dollar question: China or America?
Teens: Is oral sex the new goodnight kiss?
What should be the West's response to N.Korea's 2nd Nuke?
Paintballing - harmless fun or something more sinister?
Why might Prop. 8 (Gay Marriage) be ruled illegal in CA?
Do Plants Have Feelings?
Could You?
US Radio Demagogues - is it all just down to cash and fear?
Is 66 too old to have a baby?
Do you agree with Supermarkets charging for plastic bags?
Will closing Guantanamo make attacks on US more likely?
Are we all capable of violence?
How might the UK benefit from having ID cards?
Will we ever see working Universal Healthcare in the US?
Replacing Presential Appointments from SCOTUS?
How can you pay taxes if you're on Disability Benefits?
Is 'Crowdsourcing' a credible panacea for business?
Are all 'Fan Sites' ultimately doomed to lose their point?
Is Obama right to release pictures of alleged US abuse?
'Body Art'? Or 'Why I can't get a job'?
Shall we die for political correctness?
Does the US know the real meaing of 'Teabagging'?!
Do Bankers accept that the global crash is their fault?
Can South Africa turn the corner on crime?
Iran's Latest U.S. Hostage - should it halt new diplomacy?
Are the Pirate Bay convictions fair?
'The Illuminati' - Fact or Bollocks?
Has Artificial Beauty Become the New Feminism?
Is this the worst job in the world?
Could this be the end of Tax Havens?
Are We Too Easily Offended These Days?
Do 'Ghosts' actually Exist?
Is there a rift at the top of Sinn Fein?
Are UK Military Operations in Afghanistan 'Worthless'?
Why are we so ashamed of being seen naked?
What's the ideal number of friends?
Shock Horror! Is the US becoming more like Europe?
Astrology: Fact or Fiction?
Name that Famous Face Quiz
Does Britain actually need a 'Victims' Commissioner'?
Are these remarks racist?
Are you like many Americans if......
Do girls need their own porn?
Which are the Three Largest Natural Harbours...?
How Many Weeks (i.e. PAID) Holiday/Vacation do you get?
What will they name after Bush jnr?
male or female?
Did John Lennon's 'Bed In' achievement anything?
Fresh Gaza Airstrikes: Is Israel addicted to violence?
A lateral question
A Number Sense
Mastermind Quiz
Test your Knowledge of Christmas - Yuletide Quiz
Do pencils point to the Holy Grail of physics?
Global Warming: Reality or mere Bunkum?
Combating Terrorism: is International Law outdated?
A couple of quick ones...
Have your pets ever watched you have sex?
Did AIDS change America?
Will Obama release X-Files?
Can Ocean currents power the World?
Should Those on Benefits be made to Work for them?
How Well Do YOU Understand Men? Take the Test!
Should the UK adopt the Euro as its chief Currency?
The world has never seen such freezing heat
Big Bang & The Creation of Moment
How should we talk about mixed race?
Iraq: Should Bush be Impeached?
Why is a four octave vocal range so rare?
Cleese: Marriage should be renewed 'like dog licence'
50 Best British Songwriters
Is Google making us Stupid?
The Credit Crisis - how did we get here?
Facebook creates 'Friends Addicts'
US says it has right to kidnap British citizens
Do You Dream in Black & White?
Should both Parties get Anonymity in Rape Cases?
When is it acceptable to use the word 'retard'?
Should Tax Payers Bail-out the Banks?
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