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A Funny Thing Happened on the way to the Forum...
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New Balance founder William J. Riley
One of the various forms was the adidas NMD XR1 featuring
stay tuned for the Release Date right here on Sneaker News
One of the various forms was the adidas NMD XR1 featuring
The Furious Garbageman
Jeff Foxworthy on New Englanders
Bill Maher nails 'Christian' hypocrisy
John Cleese rants: Soccer vs Football
Hazardous Materials Data Sheet
New 'Visit Scotland' Tourist Promotion
Hitler plans his trip to Glastonbury
The Most Disturbing New Trend in American Homosexuality
Obi-Wan Kenobi Is Dead, Vader Says
Triumph The Insult Comic Dog - on Star Wars
The Mexican Army prepare to deploy to Afghanistan...
Derek Smalls on the Royal Wedding
Mrs Brown Gets A Bikini Wax
Wee Becky from Dublin demands her School be Demolished
Lie back and think of England
Women - a public improvement film from the 1950s
Down with despots and tyrants!
Australian Letter of the Year
I know my place...
Marcus Brigstocke on The Abrahamic Religions
Transport Security Administration Statistics for 2010
How To Spot A Masturbator
Voice-activated lift - in Glasgow
A Warning for all Men this Christmas time...
The Late, and much Lamented Dave Allen on Religion
If World War One was a fight in a pub...
Fascinating Aida - The Ballad of Cheap Flights
10 Reasons Why Gay Marriage is Wrong
Every Boy Scout gotta do a good deed for the day...
Happy Hallowe'en
'X Factor' for Strippers
Bert & Ernie do "Casino" (NSFW!)
1997 - Somewhere, deep in the bowels of MI6...
Precisely why I don't watch football...
Rowan Atkinson: Standup
Chris Rock speaks to the nation
Betty Bowers does it again
Joy of a Salesman
How the British explained sex education in the 1930s
I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue
The Most Ridiculous Record Covers Of All Time
Al Qaeda to go on Strike
Dear Jesse...
Welcome to Dickipedia!
For The Love Of Mrs. Brown
Atheist Barbie
I wish I'd said that...
Mother's little helper...
Functional arse... err... I mean Art.
Best of The Onion
Common ground
How different nations set their security threat alert status
A message from Batman!
Dog Diary vs Cat Diary
Landover Baptist Church
Tommy Cooper Gags
Best 404 Error Pages EVER: 17 Awesome 'Page Not Found' Pages
Steroids-addled body-builder in "silly hat" shenan
Robin Williams stand up - part 6/10
Religious Satire - NSFW!
Getting in on the act...
IT Helpdesk: "So, did you try pressing Ctrl-Alt-Delete?
Striptease - I wonder what he does for an encore?
The Wit & Wisdom of Sir Clement Freud
Vegetarians - from the other point of view
The decade according to 9-year-olds
American Boy Scout badges
Scenes from Yesteryear
A little fatherly advice...
Please help me kill my son - for 'tis written...
Just brilliant!
A bit of seasonal gigglesworth
The Framely Examiner's Advent Calendar
Top Twitter Quote
Morwenna Banks - Lady Gaga vs Madonna. You Decide.
POWERMAT drops the F bomb
Great Christmas recipe
I'm not pissed... honest!
Officially the world’s worst comedian - bar none.
Can you please design me a free website, logo & pie char
Bohemian Bankruptcy
My eyes deceive me
The Michael Jackson 'seance'
Frankie Boyle MySpace Podcasts
An Engineer's Guide to Cats
FINALLY- a truthful car ad??
Star Trek - the deleted scenes...
Rare White Album-era Beatles track unearthed
I just thought it was funny
Why women should not take men shopping against their will.
The Wholly Unsubstantiated Rumours Thread
Facebook Manners and You
Eight Words with two Meanings...
When cats get stoned and listen to techno
Total Eclipse of the Heart - The Literal Version
The Job Application
The Venn Diagram of Social Media
The appliance of technology...
I wish to register a complaint about your sausages!
How was I born?
The Species for which Darwin found no Origin
True Friendship "Aussie Style"
B. Kliban
Support Procedure
Funniest jokes: worst 10 gags at Edinburgh Fringe
Australian Letter of the Year
David Attenborough on acid
Funny comic panels
How to give a cat a pill
Washington Powerless as Four Scousers Invade America
Even sillier
Very silly
The Economy - Finally Explained
If animals made porn films...
Hollywood Squares
Parliamentary Deathmatch
Sid Barrett meets his accountant
Funny Gifs
Holy Screen-wipes Batman!
Are you ready?!
Men can multitask too
And? That it's made from corn?
The Age-Old Question
Today's Headlines
Vegas Collection Plates
Try not to take advantage of others...
Do you know where can I get a WiFi connection?
Cure for happiness
Copper wire
It's all in the spelling...
The Memory of an Elephant - a touching story...
Economic Definitions
When things aren't what they appear...
Aussie Radio Humour
It All Adds Up...
I do..........(hic!)
Latest African Spam Begging Letter
Why Women Stay Single ...
The Complete Family History of Jack Schitt
Cow urine drink set to launch
We Dutch Website with a sense of humour
Church Notices
Accessories for 'Real Men'
Fifty Perfect Impressions
Bootlegs & B-sides...
What every well dressed sex criminal is wearing today...
Star Wars - according to a three year old...
Backstage with Bob Dylan...
If Adverts Told The Truth...
Signs of Successful Sex Life
Film Scenes which ended-up on the cuttingroom floor
Now Get Out of That...
Sister Myotis on Thongs
If you're gonna protest, do it properly!
Local kids ....
From the mouths of babes ...
Marty Feldman Sketch
Banking: How call-centres can make you lose the will to live
The Changing Face of Teaching Maths Through The Years
Pride comes before a fall...
Bizkit - The Sleeping Dog
Are we teaching our kids enough about whales?
This is serious. Please BEWARE!
Coming to a Budget Airline near you soon...
Man writes resignation letter on cake
No one at Eunoia?
Credit Crunch Top Tips
How Many Forum Members Does it Take to Change a Lightbulb?
Literal interpretation of famous pop videos
A Stunning Senior Moment
Viz Jokes
Another Dream Shattered...
Referee Training
Trying to kick-start your love life...
Scenes from an Australian Prison...
The Animal Kingdom's Strong Maternal Instinct...
The Safety Dance...
Two Men in Parkas
Missed Flight? Confucius say Calm Down!!
Exercise Program for those OVER 40!!!
Life in the Aussie Army...
Do you stick things in your pusses mouths, when they yawn?
Finally an ED pill that works!!!!
Now he claims he's IRISH...............
Who said Men can't be Romantic... ?
And then the fight started...
Keeping the beat...
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