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How About That? - You Couldn't Make this Up...
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Michael Vick Dog Jersey Sanctioned By Nfl
Beware the Homosexual!
The Urine Bandit
Want To Be The World's Fattest Mother?
Homeless Couple Arrested For Having Sex in Public
When Just A Gun Won't Do
Darth Vader Arrested
Dog Shoots Man
Tattoo Artist Gets Revenge on Cheating Girlfriend
Russian "Genius" Lived With 26 Corpses
Man Dies After Trying To Remove Own Pacemaker
Hey stoopid!!
Tourist Complains About Fish Smell......................
Yvonne the Cow Has Been Found
Jewish Group Calls For Tussauds To Alter Hitler Statue
Man Impaled Through Eye With Pruning Shears
U.S. Marines In Afghanistan Ordered Not To Fart Audibly
How can this be fair?
Australian Countdown
Dating video of the week...
Today's lesson...
Deery Me
Stop! Or my Grandma will shoot!
Bulletproof, bombproof... and stuck in Dublin
How close to a rail track can you set up a vegetable market?
A Clothes Shop in Taiwan...
Atheists Offering Rapture Insurance for Christian Pets
"And they have these Muslimic Ray Guns..."
History Little known facts
Fucktard thanks God for 'destroying the Atheists in Japan'
He was 14 yrs. 6 months. and 5 days old - and executed in US
Foot Theft
Gary Kasparov press conference invaded by flying dildo
Shop to make breast milk ice cream
Any Of My UK Friends Know This Guy?
Gotta be a serious contender for Headline of the Year?!
Man Sues Over Penis Enlarger Not Working
Top card trick
Amazing who you can meet at an airport hotel...
Czech Republic under fire for ‘penis testing’ gay refugees
Idaho Man Rings in the Holidays With KKK Snowman
Glenn Beck thinks America is being "dumned down"
Twitter name @theashes brings cricket fame to US woman
America - and the 'Disneyfication' of Facts
48 ads that would never be allowed today
Jim Morrison May Win Pardon For Showing His Winkie
Man Arrested For Waterboarding Girlfriend
Firefighters watch as home burns to the ground
That'll leave a mark...
Colbert warns of Muslim vampire ‘sleeper-in-coffin cells’
More Fox/Murdoch-derived inaccuracy...
Please share your reactions to this piece
Children 'can understand irony from age of four'
New York governor slammed for Muslim comments
Man to sue Lineage II for addiction
Just half an inch the other way, and...
Hitler 'had Jewish and African roots', DNA tests show
Parents of the Year
Jimmy Page's old chauffeur art collector or thief?
"Manchurian Terrorist Babies"
We don't insult you when we call you Poms
Giant Worm Eats Texas...
Voice from the past - my late uncle speaks on the BBC!!
Creationism - Morons with Signs
Gentlemen - Are You Looking For A Date?
Now Facebook bans doll nipples
Bigfoot in NC!
"God" Does Have A Sense of Humor!
Google lawsuit: Woman follows directions, gets run over
Woman says 3D porno made her pregnant
Voyager gets message from aliens!
Washington Times Compares 'Tea-Bagger' To N-Word
Aussie cookbook includes 'ground black people' typo
How Many Chickens is an MRI Worth?
Pornographic magazine for the blind launched
C-SPAN Caller Complains: Too Many Black People Call In
Dr Who in trouble at Heathrow airport
Jamie Oliver's obesity revolution
Gay Dutch soldiers responsible for Srebrenica massacre
Assault By Penis
US Military Behind Haitian Earthquake!
Air Traffic Control-Gate
Meet the Flinstones
Baby who failed to say 'Amen' starved to death by cult
Josef Fritzl begs daughter for money
The intrinsic flaw in outsourcing
South Carolina now requires ’subversives’ to register
Oscar the Cat
From office waste to arse paper in 30 minutes!
Obama and the teleprompter
Britain's oddest laws revealed
Ask a stupid question: tourists' dumbest requests
Beatles'"Revolution" proves Dem's plan for Marxism
Parochial, Jingoistic, Overly-simplistic Nonsense
Wheelchair gunman surrenders to police robot
I've discovered a new pastime
Chuck Norris & The US Interpol Conspiracy Theories
Revenge is a bitch...
Not A 'Happy Meal'
Pat Robertson: there's 'a cloud of God's wrath over US'
No more calls....
This guy needs to buy a lottery ticket
Make an invisible bottle!
Let the barracking begin!
HP computers are racist
This isn't a Python bit.....
Uganda leads the way in normalisation of Gay relationships..
World's Greatest Golf Shot
I Wonder If It Was Bazooka Joe?
That's gotta smart a little...
Bombshell: Obama Malcom X's Love Child?
Perhaps not the best advert for marijuana use...
"Reality star" wannabe douches crash White house
I really don't know where to start...
'No terrorist attacks on US during President Bush's term...'
A great place to booty dance...?
Couple arrested after refusing to pay tip at Penn pub
Catholic Priest in 'MILF' action!
Fellatio common among fruit bats, says research
Horse and Buggery
An incredible story of luck and inspiration !!
When you can't be bothered with actual History
Neighbours, everbody needs good neighbours...
15 most explosive videos on the internet
So no overreaction here at all then...?
Women lawyers better off with boys names
Police apologise for fining drivers who can't speak English
Malrese terrier now dangerous breed in NSW
Anal Sex in Accordance with God's Will
Man arrested for making coffee in own home while naked
When a back, sack and crack just isn't enough...
Madame Lash's birthday party
Justice - Texas style...
Game show fakes sniper attack
Trust me, I'm a tabloid journalist...
Cat registered as hypnotherapist
Newborn baby falls through train toilet onto rail tracks
Wikipedia-flavoured beef on Chinese restaurant menu
Break glass in case of Liberal...
This Guy Wants His McD's!!!!!
Jesus Fucking Christ, I missed International Blasphemy Day
He kept that quiet...
Thinking About Cryogenics?
Gas mask bra traps Ig Nobel prize
Gardening Ideas for the more Creative amongst us
Just Outstanding!!!!!
'Do You Want To See My Cock?' asks budding author
The Before & After Thread
11-year-old boy finds pink grasshopper
For a few dollars more...
100 world facts from the Economist's Pocket World In Figures
New 'Montauk Monster' spotted in Panama
Tourism Denmark: Are you my baby's father?
Amazon hijacked: 10 funniest review threads
There are so few redheads in Mexico that they...
Video: Fighter jet clip becomes a YouTube hit
NASA Steals Berlin TV Tower
Council canteen changes name of 'offensive' Spotted Dick
Pregnancy myths busted – curry does not bring on labour
Adolf Hitler sex video condemned by Aids charities
Monkeys 'are Metallica fans'
Daft science cashing in on the bleeding obvious
Man killed wife 'because she spent too much time on Facebook
Perfectly pretentious poodles
Naughty Sweetie Wrappers
Comedian Sued Over Mother-in-Law Jokes
Dog who believes he is a cat
Ancient dial solves time riddle
Australians 'need more seasons'
Judge on trial after court failed to hear death row appeal
Russia's Got Talent... (although for what is another matter)
Every day I get in the queue.....
Too revealing? Too covering? Swimsuits round the world
'The mists are clearing! I can see....flames?'
'.....a notorious player of the Pink Oboe.....'
Happiness is a Warm, Sweaty and Nasty Gun Momma
Is There A Legal Term..................
Redheads feel more pain
'U got swn flu, LOL'
'The way you smile and touch me always sets my heart alight'
The World's Smartest Bird?
Putting Your Time to Good Use
Horsing Around
I now pronounce you funk & bass...
How are you feeling? Ruff.....
United Break Guitars
Bizarre but Funny Random Adverts
Cosmic Coincidence?
Aussie Man bursts into flames after being hit by Taser
US man at 'gay cure' clinic loses contact with friends
Modern day survival stories
Al-Jazeera banned from West Bank
I Need To Get My Bicycle Tuned Up
'Please, Bill, no games. I was there. At the house.'
Have you no dignity?!
History's worst inventions listed
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