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Philosophical Questions
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Is Islam a religion of peace?
Fr. Copleston vs. Bertrand Russell: the existence of God
US Foreclosures - Can this be fair?
Does it matter if the killing of OBL was against the law?
Who Wrote The Bible and Why It Matters
Was WikiLeaks right to make public the material it has done?
Should those in jail be allowed to vote?
Should the Emergency Services be allowed to Strike?
Newborn Baby With Pre-Existing Condition?
Do hard times equal good art?
I need some advice...
Should the Police have the right to strike?
Are dying languages worth saving?
How true is the statement 'to be separate is not equal'?
Instant pleasure or delayed gratification?
Should they allow a Mosque to be built at 'Ground Zero'?
Should the Burka be allowed when giving evidence?
Are France & Belgium right to ban the Burqa?
Are ageing lefties in denial?
Is Obama right to authorise the killing of a US citizen?
Is forgiveness possible?
Is Internet access a 'fundamental human right'?
Test your philosophical skills - take the tests!
Is there a moral difference between Nazis and Communists?
Should suspected terrorists be accorded Miranda Rights?
Should bankers have their wages & bonuses restricted?
Should Africans apologise for slavery?
Do we no longer care about those who cheat?
Should we just allow the Giant Panda die out?
Should the Gov't make 'Right to Die' available to UK public?
So, when can you speak ill of the newly dead?
Should authors be vetted to read to kids in schools?
What do you understand to be 'The American Dream'?
Precisely what is & how do you define 'un-American'?
Brain Sex
Is it possible to have 'Too much information'?
Spencer's 'First Principles'
Has the Internet killed the Philosopher?
God - all in the mind?
Does Black History Month in America do more harm than good?
Do we use the term 'Pornography' incorrectly nowadays?
Is it selfish to have more than two children?
Vatican: 'Darwin's theory compatible with Christianity'
Can we please forget about Charles Darwin?
For Peace - Should Obama talk to Iran, Syria & N. Korea?
The Edge question
Is the BBC right to refuse to broadcast the Gaza Appeal?
Is the UK closer to America or Europe?
Should being a 'Holocaust Denier' be a criminal offence?
Do Animals Have Rights?
were is every thing else?
Are the terms 'Good & Evil' used correctly today?
Should Rock/Pop Stars & Celeb's pontificate on politics?
Is America accurate to use the term 'Native American'?
Is this sanctioning inbreeding?
A Question of Proportion - Do Numbers Matter outside the US?
Should certain words be removed from Dictionaries?
Is there Faith or Cetaintly?
How should we deal with forced marriages?
Is it wrong to steal someone else's WiFi?
If You had to...
Mathematical equation for why people procrastinate
Top 100 living geniuses
Sent to Gaol - as punishment, or for punishment?
UK Prostitution - An amber light?
'In comedy, there's no line that you cannot cross' - Discuss
World Philosophy Day, 20 November 2008
Four philosophical questions to make your brain hurt
If Art didn't exist, would it be necessary to invent it?
Fireman, astronaut - or celebrity?
Personal Blogs: Worthwhile or mere Zeitgeist?
How do you use and define the word "liberal"?
Free Thinkers whom America Killed
Why I Don't Use or Trust Wikipedia
Bell's Theorem
Why do Presidents Lie?
Should religion be turned into romantic fiction?
This is the age of paranoia
Voltaire on 'Morals'
Quotas And 'Positive Discrimination' - Right or Wrong?
Evolution is complete: so where do we go from here?
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