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The Cheese & Whine Section - Get it off your Chest!
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On Yesfans and Bannings
New Predictions from Bernard!
Simon Says....
So, you don't want to pay taxes?
Bernard AKA Uncle Fester and O.G!
Politics is a tough topic but name calling is for children!
Pretty much done with YesFans.
So Much for Gratitude!!
What kind of idiot parent would buy this for their kids?
My [former] neuroligist is a shit head
Crappy chinese-made Motorola junk
Kidnapped and cat-wrapped
The Madness of Gordon Brown
Now let us sing a hymn to the morphine
Another feminist rant - this one's by a black man
"Oi, Watson, No!"
The Sari Club Bali
Gas Prices
Shia cleric defends law said to legalise marital rape
Terrible News...
The "I Hate People" Thread
The Free-to-Gripe Thread
Is It Theft ?
Brown's Big Brother UK - This cannot be right!
Grammer & Speling Mistakes wot get on you're tits!
ventriloquists suck
Holy Multi-colored-zebra-striped HUMMERŪ, Batman!!!!!
I'm Bored Out My Fucking Tits
.....a version of Full Tilt Boogie here?
Has anybody else ever seen this, on a plane?
Are you sick of being sick?
Ticketmaster scalping their own tickets
Caroline Kennedy repeats 'you know' 142 times in interview
Are you sick of progressive rock fans?
Flu Season
Having trouble with my vowels
Is it Meow?
My Cat Just Stole My Dinner!!!!
Another Labour Social Engineering Experiment goes tits-up
My Crackers are Crunched!!!
Richard Dawkins is Fucking Annoying
The Epitome of Sad: 'Second Life'
The Abuse of Human Rights Legislation
The Nature of 'Cheating'
What do we celebrate, Dad?
The French
The Travelling Dingleberry
I found a hair in my food!!!!!!
Under age smoking.
On a Good Note
Metric 'martyrs' win fight to save imperial measures
Gurkha Justice
Is it Me or ?
I'm so bloody IRRITATED!
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