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Welcome to Eunoia - General Site Guidance - 'The Look & Feel' of the place
Please Introduce Yourself
New to the boards? Well that's the hard bit out of the way! Please feel free to share a little info about yourself with other board members! Welcome & thanks!! Oh, and if you'd prefer to post or download a video introduction from, say, YouTube, then please feel free!
In The News
News Items
General forum for the discussion and posting of those items you'd like to share and talk about.
How About That? - You Couldn't Make this Up...
Come across a story or picture which is too funny (ha-ha, or peculiar) for words? Found some reportage of one of the more zanier aspects of life? Post it here and share it.
A Funny Thing Happened on the way to the Forum...
Like it says on the tin - jokes, humour, wit, fun & laughter.
For those who meant something to you.
Whether it's Rugby or Aussie Rules, Lady Soccer or NFL, Cricket or Baseball, here's the place to wax lyrical about what's going on with your team.
Caption This Photo
Often a great source of spur-of-the-moment hilarity - got a picture you think deserves a different slant? Post it here!
Speakers' Corner
Political Discussion
We couldn't really have a forum without this, so fill yer boots & enjoy! NB: if you're going to write a polemical piece, please ensure it's a good one!
The Cheese & Whine Section - Get it off your Chest!
OK, what's important to you and what pisses you off? The Gov't? Taxes? Chavs? Other folks' lack of manners? So-called 'Reality TV' shows? Speak your mind and get it off your chest here! Failing that, just have a good rant!
Philosophical Questions
Whether it's the thinking of 'The Greats' from History, or the apropos of nothing detritus of latter-day thinking which animates you, here's the place to discuss it. Go on, express your Id!
Which Begs the Question....
Care to pose a real brain-bender and offer it up for debate - rational or otherwise? Here's where to post it. Please try and make them searching and engaging and not just completely off the bloody wall ;)
Open House: Debates on Societal Issues
A place where open banter and profligate badinage is encouraged! You can make this as mild, humorous or as contentious as you like. No limits, three falls and a submission are entry-level requirements! Go large and fill your boots! ;)
General Culture & 'a pleasance' - Music, TV, Films, Books, Reviews, Media & Web
Rock & Roll
Is there any other kind? Any one caught discussing Country & Western in here will be flogged!
'Prog Rock'
Have a penchant for caped keyboardists? Enjoy 20-odd minute long songs comprised solely of gibberish lyrics? Pretentiously esoteric time signatures your bag? For those who need their 1970s fix.
Jazz, Folk, Acoustic, Funk, Soul, R&B & Classical Music
For all you players & lovers of acoustic music. If you play, please share your wares and woes here; if you just listen, please share to whom you think we should be listening! Also, if you've a background or a passion for Folk music, share where and why! Enjoy!
Alternative/Ambient/Indie/Pop/Country/Trance-and-New Age & Other Music
For all those musical forms which don't have a home in the other forums - from way back when, to the music 'da yoot an ting' are in to today. Oh, and Country & Western.
Bibliotherapy & Recommended Reading
Got a piece of markedly good or engaging journalism you'd like to share? Got any books you'd like to recommend, discuss or critique? Got a journal, blog, article or author/writer you'd like to praise, criticise or discuss? Here's the place to do it.
Culture, TV, Films, The Arts, The Web, Media & Theatre
Got a favourite film or TV programme? Is there one which you think sucks? Tell us about it - and why! Been to see a new play recently? Or been to see an old but favourite one? Simply want to seek advice on a play or discuss/review it? Here's the place.
Language, Word Games & Syntactical Swordsmanship
Take pleasure in puns? Write odes to onomatopoeia? Dotty about declensions? Cynical about syntax? Love linguistics? Then here be your garden of gerunds & your sepulchre of syllables!! Enjoy.
Food & Drink
From Bacchanalian worshipping, to lightly bludgeoned and flame-wiped eatery feasting, here be your base to discuss your pleasure of it, your cooking of it (recipes etc.) and your favourite (or otherwise) restaurants and hostelries. Enjoy! (hic!)
My Stuff - Personal Technology
Got a question about 'Which PC, MP3 player, Mobile Phone or iPod should I get?' or a query about personal technology, a piece of Software or 'how to?' question? Got a question about Facebook or MySpace? Post it here and someone will have a view or advice.
Recommended Torrents
Got a Torrent or Torrent Site you'd like to share? Likewise, if you'd like to discuss converting one format of download to another, then here's the place to do it.
Members' Blogs & Other Great Websites
Whether it's your MySpace or Facebook site, a personal blog, or just some other interesting site for which you'd like to share the link, this is the place for it. If any member has their own website which they'd like to post the link here, please do so.
Arcadia - Comics & Games
This forum is for all you fans of both media - whether they be print/paper or digital in format; whether you're an X-box demon, or just enjoy handling an RPG ;) This is for you.
General Members' Interests
Hypochondriacs' Corner
For the discussion of General Health matters, home remedies, treatments, etc. NB: This forum is for discussion only - if you have any real ailments/conditions or health issues, then seek the help & advice of a qualified physician!
Members' Travel Tips & Recommendations
Do you have a question on 'How do I get to XYZ?' Need advice on a decent airline to get you to where you need to go? Smart travel tips on what to do and what not to do in a given country, local customs, how to deal with 'The Natives', which hotel at which to stay, which car hire firm is best in-country etc? Here's the place to ask - and ye shall receive ;)
Members' Birthdays & Anniversaries, Hobbies & Pastimes
The forum for offering generally loving abuse on the occasion of any given member's birthday and other special dates. Also, do you have an exotic pastime in which you partake? Have you traced your family tree back to the Arch Duke Ferdinand? Is your Macramé a matter of mass adoration? Do you play an instrument or dance in groups? Have you represented your country at competitive spaghetti making? Tell us about it here!
Say it with Video! Members' Message Exchange & Video-blogs
Record your greetings & messages on YouTube or else where and then post it here! Likewise, if you want to post a video-blog, or post yourself and/or your band playing your music, or doing your art, post it here! You're welcome and we appreciate it !!
Site Admininstration
Ask the Admin: How Do I...?
For all those 'How Do I...?' type questions your may have.
Forum Rules - Please Read
Just some basic and common-sense Do's & Don'ts to allow the board to operate well.
Can We Please Have a.....?
If you think there's something missing from the site (a forum, a feature, a topic heading etc.) please post it here and let us know - we'll do our best to accommodate it
Board Announcements
Like it says on the tin - This particular forum is set aside for the Admin & Mod's to make any necessary board announcements, so that the board's membership feel that they are involved and being kept up to date....and not treated like proverbial mushrooms (i.e. kept in the dark & fed on sh...) ;)
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